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What is available size for tear drop banner/Feather flags?
Clicks:    Source:Guangzhou Peipei Promotional Products Company   Time:2014.03.05

             What is available size for tear drop banner/Feather flags?
Tear drop banner/Feather flagscan make in many size. Standar size for the pole is 3.6M,the flag size is 2X0.9M.
Beside this size,still have smaller or bigger size than this.
Now we write down the available size for tear drop flag,customer can choose the size as your need.
Size of pole,2.8M,the size of flag will be:1.55X0.7M;
Size of pole,3.6M,the size of flag will be:2X0.9M;
Size of pole,4M,the size of flag will be:2.4X1.08M;
Size of pole,4.6M,the size of flag will be:2.9X1.1M;
Size of pole,5.6M,the size of flag will be:3.5X1.3M;

What is available size for tear drop flag/tear drop banner?offer from Guangzhou Peipei promotional products company,E-mail:worldpeipei@yeah.net,MSN:worldpeipei@hotmail.com,Tel:+86-20-86376047,http://www.worldpeipei.com


Feather flags,tear drop banner,available size for tear drop flag,advertising flags.

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